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Fergus Show a Family Affair

FERGUS, Ont. - Twelve-year-old Elias Thoume started a tradition at this year's Fergus Truck Show.

FERGUS, Ont. – Twelve-year-old Elias Thoume started a tradition at this year’s Fergus Truck Show.

He and his brother Simon and friend Gary Cameron, both 15, entered one of Thoume’s father’s trucks – a white 2005 Sterling – in the Fergus Show and Shine competition. It was the first one the boys have entered, but it won’t be the last, said Elias.

“I was the one who first had the idea, and Gary said he would help me hand polish everything, and when my brother saw what we were doing, he thought we had a good chance at winning something, so he joined us as well,” said Elias. “And it ended up looking really good.”

It took the boys four or five days straight, staying up well past midnight polishing and cleaning, to prep the truck for the event – and there wasn’t too much help from Mom or Dad either.

“I like to see the boys get into it like they did, I’m proud of them, and I was there to help if they needed it. But it isn’t really my thing to be honest,” said Jim Thoume, who runs James Thoume Construction, based out of Ariss, Ont.

There are really no tricks or secrets to make a truck stand out from the pack, said Elias – just plain hard work.

“I think we did very well, we were happy with our truck and a lot of people were stopping and looking at it and realizing how much work we put into it,” Elias added.

The boys would like to be involved in entering another truck at next year’s show, but until then they will continue to help out around the shop.

“During the week after school and on Saturdays I help my Dad service the trucks and clean up the shop and help fix anything that needs fixing. So I’ve been around this stuff for a long time,” said Elias, “I would like to do this when I get older.”

Robert Atchison was another truck show entrant, with his green 1999 International in the working truck category.

“I love doing this stuff. I’ve been showing ever since the Fergus Truck Show started up,” said Atchison, who drives for Warren Gibson of Alliston, Ont.

Atchison and his wife Karen spent one full day after they pulled into their show parking spot prepping the truck for the judges.

“It’s so much fun to do, my wife always helps me out with all of it and we meet all sorts of great people while we’re here,” added Atchison.

He said he likes to add a little something to display in front of the truck and each year he tries to come up with a new idea.

“My wife collects anything with cows on it, and we had a bunch of stuffed cows and a bail of hay so we thought we’d make it a little different,” he laughed.

Atchison’s and the boys’ entries were two of 481 entries in the Fergus Show and Shine competition, held during the Fergus Truck Show July 23-25 at the Fergus Fairgrounds. There were over 100 more entries than registered to show in last year’s event.

More than 40,000 people attended the show, according to organizers. There were also 211 exhibitors and 176 entries in the truck pull competitions.

“It was fantastic!” said Fergus Truck Show founder Sherry Clarke. “And after three years of pouring rain, Mother Nature finally co-operated!”

The Fergus Truck Show started as a one-time event to raise money for the town hall and 19 years later it is not only still going but it has become North America’s largest outdoor truck show.

The show committee was happy to expand the outdoor trade show space this year to over 97,000 square feet and there are plans to continue expanding for next year’s show too, said Clarke.

“The entertainment was superb,” said Clarke, “the best we’ve ever had so we were very thrilled with that. Everything came together really well, we were thankful for the time and energy that everyone put into the show. We really appreciate it and so does the community. It is a huge boost economically.”

Details and registration for next year’s truck show will be posted to as information becomes available to the Fergus Truck Show team.

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