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Government Rebate Forms A Head-Scratcher

Last month I devoted this space to the Ontario government's Green Commercial Vehicle Program (GVCP) and specifically the APU rebate. At the time, they hadn't established where the rebate forms could b...

Last month I devoted this space to the Ontario government’s Green Commercial Vehicle Program (GVCP) and specifically the APU rebate. At the time, they hadn’t established where the rebate forms could be found. Today, I can tell you to go to,click on French or English, and from there you’ll be taken to a page that contains a number of downloadable forms. Click on Anti-Idling Forms & Guides and presto – up pops the one you need to complete.

Once it’s up, scroll through the five pages. Now take a deep breath, shake your head, and try not to blow a gasket. The rebate process is far from being applicant-friendly (and I’m being nice)!

The seemingly endless series of questions will ask you the basics – contact info, business profile, requirements certification, type of equipment (including who the installer was) and your vehicle information. Unfortunately, the 50-odd “want-to-know”basics include some very specific and seemingly unnecessary information. There are a number of head-scratchers.

Most government rebate programs by definition involve cash. As such, those making the decisions need to cover their butts in approving any application. Keep that in mind. Under the Requirements Certification set of questions it states “GCVP funding recipients are required to submit APU or cab heater/cooler meter readings on use/idling time, obtained through two consecutive PMVI inspections.”

What they failed to mention in announcing this program is the need for each unit to include a recordable measuring device – installed either as OEM or aftermarket equipment – which will be used to confirm the hours of use over a one-year period…can you say big brother is watching?

You’ll also be required to estimate the number of hours you’ll be using the device in a specific geographic area (defined in the form). By the way, why did you purchase the unit?

It may seem obvious to you but they want to hear that answer in your own words. I admit, you’re going to be earning every penny of this rebate. If I could make a suggestion, don’t try and knock this off in a night. Take your time, review your answers and have a second set of eyes do the same.

What you don’t want is to file the application, wait six months, and have it returned because of a missed question. No matter how relevant you may find the question, answer it in complete detail.

– Rob Wilkins is the publisher of Truck West and he can be reached at 416-510-5123.

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