How many truckers are there in Canada?

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Dear Editor,

I’ve been trying to do some research on trucking companies that are in Canada and the U.S.

I was wondering if you would know how many Canadian truckers are on the road.

George Papadakis

By E-Mail

Ed:I’d be happy to help. It’s difficult to count the number of truckers, since everyone licensed to drive a truck actually does it for a career. Nonetheless, trucking is the most common job of Canadian men.

Among the 10 most common jobs reported in the 1996 Census, 222,795 men worked as truck drivers, beating out 215,345 sales representatives and 185,035 janitors. Quebec and New Brunswick skew the numbers a little, however, considering the 54,160 and 7,960 who work as truckers in those respective provinces. By province, Ontario continues to dominate Canada’s trucking industry with 74,880 drivers – 73,360 of whom are men.

If you need other industry stats related to Canada, surf to and select “industry facts” on the button bar. n

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  • Dear editor, I am doing some research on the trucking industry could you help me with a couple questions?
    1. How many truck drivers and how many class 8 trucks are on the road in 2018 and In 2019?
    2. What does it cost a trucking company for as single accident from the time of the wreck until the dust settles with law suits, equipment loss etc?

    Thank you for your time.
    Mike Sears