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International Launches New “Big Brother” Work Truck

International Truck and Engine launched a new work truck at this year's World of Concrete Show in Las Vegas....

International Truck and Engine launched a new work truck at this year’s World of Concrete Show in Las Vegas.

Dubbed by company officials as the “Big Brother” of the International CXT – the International 7700 is available in three models: the International 7700 set-forward front axle 4×2 and 6×4 models and the International 7700 setback axle 6×4 model.

Full production of the three new International 7700 models is scheduled to begin in February 2005.

The new models include many of the same standard features and benefits available with the current 7600 models – plus some new options. The new features specifically target bridge formula mixer, super dump and block hauler applications. Additional applications include severe service tanks and logger trucks.

“The International 7700 models are the newest members of the International 7000 Series that combine the style and drivability of the 7000 with the chassis strength and packaging of our 5000i,” said Bill Sixsmith, marketing director, Severe Service Vehicle Centre, International Truck and Engine.

Sixsmith pointed to the chrome features of the International 7700 as a selling point.

“The chrome features provide an emotional appeal that will leave customers thunderstruck,” said Sixsmith. “Plus, with a new front taper leaf spring system from International, the International 7700 delivers a smoother ride so drivers won’t be shaken up as they were before, even with empty payload.”

For drivers of construction trucks looking to optimize payload weight, International Truck and Engine Corporation is delivering a new solution with the design of the International 7700. Two of the new models include a new front bumper to axle setting of 29.1 inches and a frame system that optimizes payload weights for applications where bridge formula limits are an issue.

Another example of the new features includes an improvement in body mounting. The location of components on a chassis is critical when mounting various bodies such as mixers and multiple lift axle trucks. The International 7700 offers new clean CA chassis packaging options that create a faster, more economical and easier process for mounting truck bodies, the company says.

The frame system of the International 7700 includes a single 12.25-inch frame that is 400 pounds lighter than many double 10-inch frames. This allows greater payloads.

The standard engine on the International 7700 is a 305-hp Cummins ISM with an 1150-pound-foot torque rating. The Eaton Fuller 10-speed overdrive transmission is also standard. The engine options also include an upgrade in power to a 470-horsepower Caterpillar or Cummins engine.

The International 7700 includes the Diamond Logic self-diagnosing system that electronically checks the status of the truck. When the key is turned to the “on” position, error codes will appear if there is a problem to let the technician know of the precise electrical fault.

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