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Keep LCVs outta here

Dear Editor:

Dear Editor:

So they are starting to think about LCVs in Ontario – how ridiculous! You can do all the studies you like, but I have pulled them in the past and have a few thoughts on them.

Lord forbid they allow them in Ontario – I can just imagine the poor saps trying to get through traffic anywhere on the 401, 403, QEW or any other highway for that matter at any other time of day than 10 p.m. to 4 a.m.

One of the problems they will find with them in Ontario is the mentality of other motorists. They will hardly allow the room for a turn or lane change as it is with a 53′ trailer, or a set of Super-Bs. Let’s try that with turnpikes, at 125′ long. It’s just a matter of time before the accidents begin with that scenario.

The other problem is simple math, there’s no room. Lots of Toronto and other areas are older with smaller streets and tougher corners. I cannot see them setting up drop yards along the way, such as the state of Ohio has on its turnpikes.

The folks who think this is such a great idea will not be the ones stuck in traffic trying to negotiate a corner with six cars jammed up one side of them. Want to pull LCVs? Go west young man, ain’t no room here.

Kevin Garner

Via e-mail

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