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New Products (July 01, 2009)


Truck-Lite has introduced what it’s calling the world’s smallest LED licence lamp. The single diode, penny-sized lamp offers extended lamp life and overall cost savings, according to the company. The 12-volt light does not require a bracket and the low-profile design resists damage, Truck-Lite claims. For details, visit

Tires & Wheels

Goodyear has introduced two new tires the company says feature deeper treads, improved tread designs and better compounds to maximize tire life in urban and regional applications. The G661 HSA steer and all-position tire features a high scrub-resistant tread, according to Goodyear, and also uses a multi-compound construction to extend tread life in applications that demand frequent turning, backing and braking. Meanwhile, the G662 RSA with Fuel Max technology is aimed at regional and local haul applications as a steer and all-position tire. The G661 HSA and G662 RSA with Fuel Max are available now in an 11R22.5 size, according to Goodyear, with the 295/75R22.5 size scheduled for launch this month. The G661 HSA will also have the 11R24.5 size available in June.

Toyo Tires has introduced its M647 premium drive tire for local, regional and long-haul highway applications, according to the compa-ny. It has a deep 30/32″tread allowing for improved wear and longer service life, Toyo claims. It also incorporates Toyo’s e-balance technology, designed to minimize the growth of the tread profile during operation, extending casing life. A rigid shoulder design helps protect against irregular wear and improves durability, Toyo says. For more details, contact your Toyo Tire dealer.

Express Brake International (EBI) has entered the Ontario market, appointing Scott Deslippe as regional sales manager. The company is introducing its brake product lines to Ontario, including: its patented Extreme Brake system; Brake Alert; and Drum Caddy. Since its inception in 1997, EBI says it has enjoyed great success in the US market. The Extreme Brake system features a stainless steel table that stays on the wheel-end so you can replace just the lining itself. The company says it offers a 30-50% cost savings over conventional riveted linings. The Brake Alert system measures both lining wear and brake stroke, according to the company. Its stainless steel construction is able to withstand Canadian conditions, the company says. And the Drum Caddy offers technicians a way to easily remove and install brake drums while minimizing the risk of injury, the company says. For details, contact Deslippe at 519-796-5919 or e-mail scott.deslippe@expressbrake. com. You can also visit


Reefer Sales and Service in Mississauga, Ont. and Atlantic Carrier in Moncton, N. B. are now distributing the Climacab electric APU which runs off four AGM batteries. The system is completely maintenance-free and requires no fuel while offering 12 hours of air-conditioning between charges, according to the manufacturer. The Climacab was developed by Glacier Bay. It offers 8,000 BTUs of cooling and comes with a Start Assist feature that can re-start the truck’s batteries if they should fail. The Climacab requires no internal ducting and is completely CARBcompliant. For more info, visit www.climacab.comor contact Reefer Sales and Service at 905-795-0234 or Atlantic Carrier at 506-388-6000.

Toronto-based manufacturer Riteway Technology says it has a cost-effective APU that delivers a quick payback. The Total Temperature Control (TTC) APU is available at a recommended price of $5,650, according to the company, which delivers a quicker payback than most other APUs. The company claims a payback can be realized in just 800 hours of use or four months, compared to a traditional APU payback of 24-36 months. The single-cylinder, direct-drive, air-cooled system consumes 0.12 gallons of fuel per hour, Riteway claims. For more information, visit www.ritewayapu.comor call Shane Perue at 416-637-5005.

Haldex has come out with rivetless front and rear covers for S-ABAstyle automatic brake adjusters. The new rivetless design will replace the previous front and rear covers that had a retaining rivet. The improved design instead uses an adhesive compound, according to Haldex. For more info, visit www.haldex.comor call Haldex at 800-267-9247.

Ridewell has introduced the RAR-260 air-ride trailer suspension which it says strikes a balance between price and performance. It’s available in over-and underslung configurations with 25,000-and 30,000-lb. capacities. It features the Securelok pivot nuts to maintain pivot clamping force, the company says. For more details, contact Ridewell at 800-641-4122 or visit


Manac has launched a new lightweight aluminum flatdeck trailer. The Darkwing series has been completely redesigned to improve performance and strength, according to the company. The riveted, three-piece main beam is 27 inches high with a camber of five inches, producing a concentrated load of 60,000 lb./4 ft. In order to keep the number of welds to a minimum, Manac opted for a mechanical assembly of accompanying subcomponents, which the company says also acts to streamline maintenance. Darkwing flatbeds are available in a wide range of configurations and axle spreads and come with a seven-year warranty, Manac says.


AL Insurance has developed a free online Accident Register to its Web-based Fleet Administration System. The new tool captures all the information required by the FMCSA, DoT and MTO in the event of an accident, the company claims. It also features comprehensive reports which allow fleets to identify the causes of accidents. For more, visit www.nalinsurance.comor call 800-265-1657.

Kinedyne has introduced new Grip Link 9-mm stud tire chains for muddy, snowy and icy Canadian off-road conditions. The heavy-duty chains are designed to improve off-road trucking safety. They feature aggressive, long-wearing 9-mm studs and are ideal for applications ranging from hauling 50-foot pine trunks from a hillside logging site to delivering heavy equipment and supplies in the oil patch, the company says. Kinedyne Canada distributors will be offering Grip Link chains year-round, the company says.

Thomas-Ritt Associates now has 75 high-impact health and safety posters available for the workplace. They’ve been developed in cooperation with the Municipal Health and Safety Association of Ontario. The posters are available in two sizes: 13″x19″ and 22″x28″, according to the company. They include 16 different categories, such as ergonomics, slips and falls, traffic/driving and working around machinery. The posters can be customized to meet the needs of individual clients, according to the company. A portion of the proceeds is donated to the public health and safety system in Ontario to promote workplace health and safety, according to Thomas-Ritt Associates. To view the posters and place an order, visit www.safetyposters.bizor call 905-309-5431.

Winsted Group out of Alliston, Ont. is offering a new 16-GB digital video recorder that offers up to 16 hours of continuous loop recording to monitor driver behaviour or provide evidence of events leading to an accident. The system features two cameras and boasts GPS integration. It also features G-sensors that can detect hard braking and acceleration, according to the company. For more info, call 866-542-1343 or visit

The Canadian Trucking Alliance has a new Web site. The new site, located at,is easier to navigate according to the association. It boasts improved menus and features so visitors to the site can easily get up to speed on industry issues, according to the CTA.

FLO Components has introduced a new 12 VDC Reel-n-Flow pump and reel kit to assist with mobile lubricant service equipment applications. The company says the ‘plug-and-play’ kit can operate off 12-or 24-volt power supplies and offers hassle-free installation on mobile equipment. There are no supply lines, return lines or fittings that normally come with traditional pump kits, according to the company. The system boasts a 19:1 gear ratio to quickly deliver grease in temperatures as low as -7 C. The hose reel comes with a 50-ft. hose. For more info, call 800-668-5458 or visit

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