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Problems with the ETR407? Help is now available from HTS to manage Canadian toll highway invoicing. The company says it works with toll operators to resolve problems, settles outstanding balances, offers dispute resolution, corrects improper invoicing and assists with plate and transponder management. The company also provides detailed monthly breakdowns of your charges. For more info, contact HTS at or call 416-986-9062.

A former truck driver, driver-instructor and commercial driver examiner has authored an electronic textbook on gear selection and shifting. Practical Tips to Shifting for Students of Truck Driving Schools and Truck Drivers (ISBN: 0-1684939-0-4), is a textbook featuring 140 pages and more than 100 graphics, covering comprehensive, step-by-step instructions on gear shifting in a wide range of applications, according to the author, who claims it will help drivers achieve a greater level of shifting proficiency. The book is being marketed direct online and is available as a . PDF file from the author. Payment of $9.95 is accepted via PayPal. For details,send an e-mail to the author:

Imperial Oil has introduced a new Mobil Delvac 1 ESP SAE 0W-40 heavy-duty synthetic motor oil which it says will offer added engine protection, particularly in cold weather. The company says the oil has proven in testing to reach even the furthest parts of the inside of an engine within the first minute of start-up, even at temperatures as cold as -43 C. Conventional oils thicken in the cold and allow metal-on-metal wear and tear during cold starts, the company claims, whereas its new synthetic moves into action as soon as the ignition is turned. Imperial Oil says its newest product also delivers and maintains a strong, stable film of protection under heavy load and in high-temperature operations. It’s also more resistant to the formation of sludge and deposits as well as viscosity breakdown than conventional motor oils. Customers using the new synthetic oil can also extend drain intervals and reduce maintenance costs, Imperial Oil says. The new oil is available through Imperial Oil’s national network of branded distributors. More info is available by calling 800-268-3183 or visiting

Peterson Manufacturing has introduced a new LED tunnel light. The new 274 Series tunnel light is a two-inch round, grommet-mounted accessory light for trucks and trailers. It complements the company’s 179 Series, which it dubs the “ultimate accessory light.” The light features a unique 3D tunnel effect, which led to its name. The two models now available feature an operating range from eight-to 16-volts and are available in amber and red. For more information, visit

Phillips has come out with a new trailer dome lamp it claims to be the brightest trailer interior lamp on the market. Phillips says its Permalite XB trailer dome lamp boasts twice the light output of competitive lamps and its 175-degree light spread illuminates the trailer more thoroughly so pallet documents can be read anywhere within the trailer. The lamp draws only 1.8 amps at 12-volt DC, according to the company. For more info, visit


Haldex has announced it is now offering service parts for the Dana ESD-225 air disc brake caliper. The service kits include all the necessary parts required to service the Dana Spicer ESD-225 Air Disc Brake Caliper and are conveniently packaged for order, stock and identification, according to Haldex. The kit is available from Haldex distributors or by visiting

Also new from Haldex is a heavy-duty clutch guide wall chart and clutch guide/cross reference brochure. The wall chart and brochure include new and remanufactured parts numbers, product photos and specifications. The wall chart and brochure are available from Haldex distributors or by calling 800-267-9247 and providing order code LL60059 (wall chart) or LL20649 (clutch guide/brochure).

Thermo King dealers are providing rebates of up to $1,000 on qualifying Espar heaters up until Dec. 31, the company has announced. Airtronic D4 and D2 truck kits are included as are Airtronic D2/Hydronic 5 combo truck kits and Hydronic D5 truck kits. Customers can find out more by visiting a local Thermo King dealer.

Alliance Parts and ArvinMeritor have teamed up to offer cost-effective remanufactured brake shoes, the companies have announced. The Alliance reman’d brake shoes offer value for any make or model of commercial vehicle, the companies claim, noting they’re still engineered to strict standards. The shoes are manufactured by ArvinMeritor and feature the company’s Platinum-Shield advance shoe coating to prevent rust-jacking. They’re available from more than 1,000 retail locations including Freightliner and Western Star dealers.

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