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New Products (December 01, 2009)


Flo Components has introduced an automatic lube system with remote notification for fleet applications. The company’s P203 RemoteLinc pump is now offered as part of its automatic lubrication systems for fleets using telematics systems. Auto lube systems dispense measured amounts of grease at frequent intervals while equipment is operating, maintaining a consistent lubricant seal to prevent dirt and contaminants from entering bearings, the company claims. The system interfaces with OEM and aftermarket telematics systems. For more info, call 800-668-5458 or visit

Fontaine Fifth Wheel has come out with what it’s calling the lightest fifth wheel slider system available. The Fontaine Ultra LT fifth wheel is as light as an aluminum fifth wheel, the company says, with the strength, durability and cost-effectiveness of steel. The steel fifth wheel was built for fleets looking to save weight, particularly with impending EPA2010 emissions standards which in most cases will add considerable weight to the vehicle. Fontaine says its Ultra LT weighs about 100 lbs less than other fifth wheel systems. It is offered as a complete system including the top plate and one of a variety of mounting configurations. For more details, visit or call 800-874-9780.

Thermo King has introduced a new controller for its TriPac Hybrid Auxiliary Idle Reduction and Temperature Management System (or APU).The new controller offers more programmability, according to the company, allowing customers to further customize their system. The TriPac can now be programmed to monitor the battery and coolant temperature only after the tractor on/off cycle, or a driver can set it up to monitor the cab temperature and automatically maintain the previously selected set point. Thermo King says the new capabilities allow fleet managers to ensure their APUs aren’t accidentally left running during downtime or over weekends. More info is available from Thermo King dealers.


Moving from the commonly-used 15W-40 heavy-duty engine oil to Chevron Delo 400 LE SAE 10W-30 could provide a 1% fuel savings, ac-cording to extensive test results conducted by Chevron. The company says it has completed extensive lab and field testing in heavy-duty engines and has found its 10W-30 grade oil also boasts a 0.5% fuel savings over 5W-40 grade synthetic oils. Chevron said testing also showed wear levels and drain intervals provided by its 10W-30 equal what fleets would expect from leading 15W-40 motor oils. The tests included 2010 engines from Volvo with similar results. Chevron is crediting its proprietary ISOSYN technology for the improvements. The technology combines highly-refined base oils with advanced additives to create products that rival synthetic lubes in performance tests while maintaining the costs of mineral-based oils, according to the company.

A former truck driver, driver-instructor and commercial driver examiner has authored an electronic textbook on gear selection and shifting. Practical Tips to Shifting for Students of Truck Driving Schools and Truck Drivers (ISBN: 0-9684939-0-4), is a textbook featuring 140 pages and more than 100 graphics, covering comprehensive, step-by-step instructions on gear shifting in a wide range of applications, according to the author, who claims it will help drivers achieve a greater level of shifting proficiency. The book is being marketed direct online and is available as a . PDF file from the author. Payment of $9.95 is accepted via PayPal. For details, e-mail

Rotary Lift is offering what it has dubbed the first nationwide heavy-duty lift inspection program in Canada. The Inspect to Protect program complies with a growing number of provincial codes and regs that require annual lift inspections. The program puts customers into contact with qualified lift inspectors who will visit a fleet’s facility to conduct the inspection. Fleets just have to call 800-640-5438 to arrange an inspection, according to the company. Each participating Inspect to Protect company has inspectors on staff who meet all requirements as a qualified lift inspector. Customers will receive an inspection certificate following the inspection. Visit


Peterson Manufacturing’s latest Piranha LED Smart Lamps now feature just 10 diodes for improved economy, while combing strobing LEDs with automatic turn signal override functions in one self-contained lamp. The latest four-inch models are SAE J845 Class 2 compliant and DoT-approved, according to the company, and they boast rugged wiring options for durability. Peterson says its latest Smart Lamps are the easiest, most efficient way to integrate strobing LED warning lamps into vehicles. For more, visit

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