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New Products (August 01, 2009)


ALK Technologies has introduced PC*Miler 23, which is the first routing and mileage system to include carbon emissions and intermodal analysis functionality, the company claims. It also includes critical map data updates such as truck restrictions and truck-specific toll costs. The Intermodal Analysis calculates alternative rail intermodal routes for truck shipments, so users can compare truck and intermodal mileage, fuel consumption and carbon emissions. For more info on its latest version of PC*Miler, visit

Shaw Tracking has added several enhancements to its e-mail services: Driver E-mail; Driver SoS; and Driver ACE Alert. Driver E-mail is a two-way e-mail service allowing drivers to send and receive personal e-mail from the cab of the truck. Driver SoS provides drivers with the ability to send emergency message through macro alerts to as many as six recipients at one time, improving driver safety and security. Driver ACE Alert, meanwhile, provides e-mail alerts from an approved EDI or ACE solutions provider once a load has been cleared by Customs. It’s aimed at eliminating fines for showing up at the border without the necessary pre-clearance. For more info, visit

Tires & Wheels

Goodyear has introduced a new tire for waste haulers that incorporates its DuraSeal technology to reduce tire failures and improve reliability. The G289 WHA represents a new line of waste hauling tires that the company says will improve productivity and reduce costs. Features include: a wider, deeper 24/32-inch tread; a waste haul compound for longer tread life and increased scrub resistance; a sidewall protector rib to reduce sidewall scuffing; a shoulder design that encourages uniform tread wear; and the DuraSeal sealant inside the tire that is released in the event of a puncture, fixing punctures up to a 1/4-inch in diameter. Goodyear says it conducted a survey that showed refuse fleets with 50 trucks typically receive 102 tire-related service calls per month. However, 69% of those calls were attributed to punctures with each of those calls costing the fleet about $170, or $143,000 per year.

Continental Tire has leapt into the wide-base single market with its HTL1 trailer tire. Aimed at weight-conscious operations, the company says about 1,022 lbs can be shaved off overall tractor-trailer weight by replacing duals with wide-base singles at the drive and trailer axle positions. The HTL1 features 13/32″ tread depth in order to minimize irregular wear and improve fuel mileage, the company claims. It also boasts a six rib design to distribute the load evenly over the crown of the tire.


To help fleets deal with current economic conditions, National Truck League is offering additional coverage to its popular Trucker’s Income Replacement Plan program. The plan protects professional drivers and their families in the event of loss of income due to an on-or off-the-job injury. Customers may now choose customized options, including owner/ operator lump sum coverage ranging between $100,000 and $500,000 as well as weekly benefits of between $400 and $1,000, the company says. The added flexibility gives owner/operators more choice in coverage and extra peace of mind, NTL says. For more, contact Rod Stiller at rod.stiller@nationaltruckleague.comor call 800-265-6509.

There’s another player in the diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) market. Old World Industries has announced it will distribute its BlueDEF to the commercial vehicle industry beginning in 2010. Engines using selective catalytic reduction (SCR) will require the fluid in order to operate and comply with EPA2010 emissions regulations. Old World Industries says it has an established supply network of 10 production locations and more than 4,500 distribution points. For information, visit

Evans Cooling Systems has introduced a new waterless heavy-duty thermal engine coolant that it says was able to improve fuel economy by 3% when independently tested to TMC/SAE Type II standards by Auburn University. The company says it also offers superior corrosion protection. The company claims to have the only waterless coolant available in the market. Its boiling point is 150 degrees F warmer than the operating temperature of the engine, which prevents overheating, corrosion, liner cavitation and other maintenance issues. Visit www.evanscooling.comfor more.

Truck News

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