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Tires & Wheels

Tires & Wheels

Continental Tire says its new HDR1 Eco Plus is one of the few open shoulder drive tires to become EPA SmartWay-certified. The HDR1 is a heavy regional drive tire suited for local pick-up and delivery fleets that require an open shoulder design for optimal traction while also maximizing fuel economy, the company says. Also new to the tire is a lug angle that resists irregular wear over the lifetime of the tire, the company says. For more info, visit a Continental Tire dealer.


Allison Transmission has introduced some new features on its automatic transmissions for 2011. All Allison automatics are now available with Economy Shift Schedules, which the company says improves fuel economy. The company is also offering 2nd Reverse on its Series 4700 which is aimed at oilfield applications. 2nd Reverse offers a second “deep reverse” in addition to the standard reverse to provide greater maneuverability when operating in confined spaces, the company says. Allison is also offering Variable Modulated Main on its 3000/4000 models, which modulates the pressure required in the internal lube system to increase transmission efficiency and improve fuel economy. And finally, the 3000/4000 models are now available with Low Speed Grade Assist to improve performance and generate less heat when climbing grades.

A newcomer to the commercial vehicle brake industry, Elite Brake has announced it has introduced optimum anti-corrosive protection to its line of remanufactured brake shoes. Dubbed DiamondCote, the new protection comes in the form of a cathodic electrostatic coating process that provides 400% better rust protection, protecting against rust-jacking, in which rust builds up underneath the brake lining on brake shoes, causing the brake lining to crack. For more info, go to


estern Star has published its first ever body builder book, which is available for download online. The online resource provides equipment manufacturers with comprehensive component information for all West- ern Star truck models, the company announced. It will prove helpful for anyone looking to build and integrate specialty bodies on Western Star chassis. The guide includes detailed spec’ information on nine sections, including: air and electrical; exhaust; frame components; power-train; suspension systems and others. You can download it free of charge at

The Ontario Trucking Association has launched a new apparel program, including items such as coveralls, safety attire, parkas, t-shirts and vests. It also includes non-clothing items such as key chains, USB memory sticks and magnets. OTA members will benefit from group buying power, the association says, and the products come from brand name lines such as Nike, Callaway, Adidas and Reebok. For more, go to and click the Apparel Program button.

Marsh Canada Limited and VerX Direct Corporation have teamed up to create a national driver’s licence and class verification system. Through VerX, Marsh Canada clients can obtain direct, real-time access to most provincial and territorial driver’s licence databases (except Newfoundland and Labrador), and determine, within a few seconds, whether a licence is valid, suspended, requires a driver interlock device, or is fraudulent. For the commercial trucking industry, the system can also verify the class of licence. For more information, speak with your Marsh rep or visit

If you find yourself squeamish about sleeping in a truck used for a slipseat (or slipbunk) operation, you may be interested in the Bunk in a Bag, created by Ruth Minderlein and Jackie Stuart after years spent in the trucking industry. The Bunk in a Bag is a custom-fitted mattress cover that’s washable and portable, so drivers can go on the road in a company truck without worrying about who slept in it last. The Bunk in a Bag is custom-made, so the inventors require measurements with your order. Prices range from $69.95 to $89.95, depending on size and choice of fabric. Matching pillows and bolsters are also available. For more, call 519-324-3123 or e-mail

Valvoline has expanded its Fuel Proof Guarantee program to make it available to fleets using any form of telematics system. Previously, the program was only available to fleets using inthinc’s tiwi driver mentoring system. The program initially promised a 4% fuel savings to fleets that combined Valvoline lubricants with inthinc’s real-time driver mentoring system. Now, fleets are guaranteed at least a 1.6% fuel gain when using Valvoline’s heavy-duty motor oil and gear lubricant alone and the promise of a 4% savings when combined with inthinc’s tiwiPro remains. If customers don’t achieve the promised fuel savings, Valvoline refunds the incremental costs of the oil changes. For more information, visit or call 800-825-8654.

Western Star enthusiasts may be interested in ordering a limited edition 2011 Western Star calendar, which includes 1930s-style illustrations by artist Jeff Foster. The calendars are 20″ x31″ and are available at select Western Star dealers. To find a dealer, visit

Truck drivers and passengers who suffer from back pain can purchase the Body Essentials Portable Shiatsu Massager, which converts any seat into a powerful massaging therapy seat, its manufacturer claims. It retails for US$199.99. For info, visit


Data mining company Vigillo is now offering CSA driver scorecards to truck drivers. The Roadside Resume service is free of charge and allows professional drivers to view their own rating under CSA, the new safety measurement system being deployed in the US. Vigillo says Roadside Resume is the only service in the trucking industry that makes CSA scores available directly to individual drivers. For more info, visit

Truck News

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