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No such thing as a driver shortage

Dear Editor:

Dear Editor:

I read with interest, your recent column about the driver shortage. As a 27-year veteran of the trucking industry, it has been my personal challenge to expose this myth for what it is: smoke and mirrors – a myth perpetuated by our industry captains.

Is there actually a driver shortage, or simply an over-abundance of (PPF) poor paying freight?

PPF in my opinion is responsible for the lack of entry-level employees in the transport industry – poor paying freight equals poorly paid drivers.

Why would anyone want to join an industry that treats their employees this way?

Regulated to death, responsibility to no end and the average driver working 300 hours per month with no overtime pay and very little in the way of benefits, not even an auxiliary pension fund to contribute to.

Everything from poor pay to lack of parking contributes to the degradation of this industry and yet you don’t hear the CTA, OTA or any other provincial association for that matter, saying a single word to our government about those issues. We are left on our own to contend with the never ending lack of services. There is not a driver shortage, there is a shortage of people applying for this crappy job. Importing drivers from around the world does nothing to address the root of the problem, it simply perpetuates the problem.

Larry James Hall


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