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Non-RTAC Backtrack

CALGARY, Alta. - Truck West has learned the province of Alberta has promised the trucking industry it will "defer weight restrictions" on non-RTAC trailers "indefinitely."

CALGARY, Alta. –Truck West has learned the province of Alberta has promised the trucking industry it will “defer weight restrictions” on non-RTAC trailers “indefinitely.”

The promise, made in a letter to the Alberta Construction Trucking Association (ACTA) and other trailer operators, comes as welcomed news to the Alberta trucking industry, which was faced with prohibitive weight penalties if using trailers that pre-dated the RTAC standard as of the end of 2010.

Many of the trailers that would be affected are used seasonally and are still in good condition. The proposed weight penalties of 1,000 kg per year would also place Alberta-based operators at a disadvantage when hauling into neighbouring provinces, since Saskatchewan and B.C. both grandfathered existing equipment that was not RTAC-compliant.

The September issue of Truck West brought light to the issue, which was particularly worrisome to construction truckers. ACTA president Ron Singer said in the article that the anticipated 2011 deadline requiring trailers to comply with RTAC standards was one of the most important issues on his desk.

“This is really going to hurt the users of these trailers because after 2010 they’ll not only be unable to use them, but they won’t be able to sell them either since they’ll be virtually useless,” he said. Fortunately, Alberta Transport Minister Luke Ouellette has since agreed imposing further hardship on an already struggling construction trucking industry is not a good idea.

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