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Of Language Barriers And Black Boxes

Dear Editor:

Dear Editor:

This letter is in response to the article in the April, 2009 paper in which the Indian Trucking Association (ITA) said it “will be asking that the MTO publish important communique in Punjabi.”

The last time I checked, Canada has only two official languages, French and English. I have nothing against immigrants, we all at some time can trace our roots to other countries, but you would think the right thing to do is learn the language(s) of the country you call home.

On another note, black boxes. I am all for them as long as Mr. David Bradley remembers to push for mandatory changes to the federal Labour Code.

Company drivers are no different than the rest of Canada’s labour pool and they deserve to be paid a fair hourly wage for every hour they work in a day with overtime after 44 hours. I have talked to many drivers who push over 3,000 miles a week and I have wondered how they can legally log it after they do their pre-trips, fuel, deliveries and loading. I run 2,200 miles a week, getting paid by percentage while clearing more and still putting in a 60-hour week running legally.

By using black boxes as well as compensating drivers hourly, I hope it will push carriers to have no choice but to raise their rates to pay a fair wage. You will see roads become safer, and when a driver puts in his 14, he gets paid for his 14 and his employer has documented proof.

Mike Megler, Owner/Operator Landstar Ranger Kingsville, Ont.

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  1. Barry says:

    Trucking companies can set up with a company like the one I work for, which provides on the spot language interpretation services in over 200 languages, including Punjabi. So if a limited English speaking driver comes into a situation where they need to be able to communicate, in about a minute they can get a live interpreter on the phone to manage the English to non English conversation. Or, law enforcement or whoever is now in contact with a limited English speaking driver can do the same thing. No setup fees, no contracts and no monthly minimums – just a per minute rate.

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