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Publisher’s Comment: Lack of Common Sense on Roadways Makes Driving Frustrating

Common sense is not so common in some people.

Common sense is not so common in some people.

In fact, it’s getting to a point where the Ministry should pre-test applicants for common sense before they receive their drivers licence.

Seriously, think about it. How often during the course of a week do you see people performing acts of pure stupidity on our roads?

On your way to work, on your way home, going shopping…it doesn’t matter, people just don’t think.

There’s the classic Left Lane Shuffle – you know, you’re driving along making great time and suddenly you go from 100 km (okay, maybe 110) to 85 km.

An eternity later – well, it seems like an eternity – you pass a car in the right lane because he or she apparently doesn’t realize slower vehicles shouldn’t use the left.

Maybe these people think the finger is a sign of endearment.

Then you’ve got the Merging Lane Maniac. For some reason, they just can’t merge early.

They go right to the end of the lane, sometimes onto the shoulder, and expect the gates of heaven to open up for them.

That causes everybody else who’s in that lane to ask why they didn’t do the same.

A few months ago, my wife and I made our annual trek to visit her family in the States.

As we drew closer to the Queenston/Lewiston Bridge we hit that all-too-familiar border wait. Granted, this was a long one (at least by passenger vehicle standards) and you could see the frustration in people’s faces.

Sure enough, a 4×4 pulled onto the shoulder and was on his way to freedom before a trucker (my hero, wherever you are) pulled out to block him.

It was a beautiful sight.

Over 45 minutes went by before another motorist let him back into the lane.

Another lack of common sense highway faux pas is when you’re driving in a bad snowstorm and are passed by a 4×4 doing 120 km.

I would never wish harm on anyone but there is some poetic justice when you eventually pass the same vehicle down the road stuck up to its wheelwells in a snow bank.

If you’re reading this column and have graduated from Lack of Common Sense High, think about what you’re doing.

For those of you who are passengers of this not-so-popular group, do us all a favour and volunteer to drive next time. n

– Rob Wilkins is the publisher of Truck News and he can be reached at 416-442-2097.

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