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Social media defined

Facebook (feis-buk), noun:

Facebook (feis-buk), noun:

1. A popular social networking site that allows the exchange of pictures, status updates, messages and links among “friends.” Subject of the recent film, The Social Network.

2. The Web site where “friend” became a verb, ie. “I got a Facebook invite from Gus. Should I ‘friend’ him?”

3. A place to poke someone without fear of lawsuits.

follower (fol-oh-er), noun:

1. A person or thing that follows.

2. A user that subscribes to another user’s tweets on Twitter.

3. How Twitter users measure their life’s worth.

like (lahyk), verb:

1. To regard with favour; have a kindly or friendly feeling for.

2. To agree with a user’s comment on Facebook.

3. To become a fan of a Facebook group, ie. Truck News has more than 250 likes on Facebook.

4. It’s like, liking something, y’know?

MySpace (mahy-speys), noun:

1. A social networking site where users create personal profiles comprised of photos, videos and personal information. Unseated as the top social networking site in the US by Facebook in 2008.

2. Not your space. Mine.

social media (soh-shuhl mee-deeuh), noun:

1. Web-based technologies that allow the user to interact socially. Popular examples include Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and You- Tube.

2. God’s gift to procrastinators everywhere.

tweeps (tweeps), slang:

1. A conjunction of the words Twitter and peeps (people). Used by Twitter users to refer to their group of followers, ie. “To all my tweeps in the Twittersphere, I just ate an awesome bologna sandwich. You guys jealous?”

2. A term a man should never use.

tweet (tweet), noun:

1. The sound a bird makes.

2. A user’s message on Twitter.

3. The sound a bird makes on Twitter.

Twitter (twit-er), noun:

1. A state of tremulous excitement.

2. A Web site that offers a social media service where users answer the question, “What are you doing?” in 140 characters or less.

3. A Web site that allows people to alert a group of friends and strangers to their breakfast cereal preferences and bowel movement frequency, ie. ‘Hey tweeps. I just ate a huge bowl of raisin bran. About to blow the roof off the joint. TTYS!’

twittersphere (twit-er-sfeer), slang:

1. Typically refers to the total universe of Twitter users and their habits. May also refer to a less total universe, ie. the Twittersphere of a individual, country or other group.

2. See #2 under “Tweeps”

YouTube (yoo-toob), noun:

1. A video-sharing Web site where users can upload, share and view videos.

2. A popular vehicle used to become famous regardless of actual talent. See Justin Bieber. n

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