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Some Advance Warning Would Be Nice

Dear Editor,...

Dear Editor,

I read with great interest the article on the OPP citing a driver $1,000 dollars for passing through the scene of an accident too fast.

I would be willing to bet that the officers were either around a corner or just over a blind crest with absolutely no warning devices until it was too late.

This prompted a letter to the OPP ombudsman…but I never received a response.

The second incident I traveled over a blind crest to find an OPP cruiser completely blocking my lane and oncoming traffic in the other lane. Again absolutely no warning.

Fortunately I was able to stop, however, not without smoking my brakes.

It is absolutely IMPERATIVE that the OPP have some kind of warning so that trucks will have time to slow down!

A simple flare a kilometer or two up the road would be all a professional driver needs(provided new flares are set out as traffic backs up and flares burn out.) I also think that it is high time the OPP get CBs in their cars so information such as accident scenes etc. can be passed on to drivers.

The trucker may truly have been at fault in this incident but by no means do the OPP have a moral high ground to stand on! Please feel free to forward this letter to them if you so choose.

D Holleman

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