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Still Fuming About Speed Limiters

Dear Editor:

Dear Editor:

My name is Alfy R. E. Meyer and I am an owner/operator for Erb Transport out of New Hamburg, Ontario. I take great offense at the imposition of speed limiters by the McGuinty government on all law-abiding truck drivers without our consent or approval. To infer that many trucking associations and/or organizations are in complete support is misleading and contradictory to the overall consensus. Most owner/operators do not support this Draconian legislation.

Those O/Os who do support it are in a minority and I have nothing but contempt for such weak-willed and insipid characters. This issue is not about speed, but manipulative control. Having driven for over 30 years with just one speeding ticket (20 years ago), as well as being one of the first Knights of the Road in Canada, I think I’m a good candidate to object to this asinine legislation. The company I work for rewards their drivers and O/Os monetarily for maintaining the company’s speed and safety policies.

Want the disreputable, inconsiderate, aggressive truckers to correct their irresponsible driving habits? Have our inept law enforcement agencies start earning their pay by enforcing the Highway Traffic Act. If I’m not mistaken, speeding, tailgating and aggressive driving (for both cars and trucks) is still an offense in all jurisdictions.

They need to do what the police do in Ohio, Michigan and California. They enforce the law! I’m all for enforcement and compliance. But I am vehemently opposed to any governments intruding upon my hard-earned civil liberties.

Alfy R. E. Meyer Kitchener, Ont.

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