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Dear Editor:

After reading several negative letters regarding the OPP in Truck News, I think it’s only fair to let the readers know the OPP do more than just pick on us. On Jan. 9, 2010 I was westbound about seven kilometres west of Harty, Ont. when the guy behind me told me on the CB that my trailer was on fire. In my right mirror I saw what looked like a blown tire sparking on the road, so I thanked the driver on the CB and pulled over onto the shoulder.

Once I was stopped, I saw flames shooting a foot into the air. Having 44,000 lbs of isopropanol solution in the trailer, I dollied the trailer off and drove approximately a quarter kilometre down the road and called 911. Luckily while talking to the Val Rita fire chief on the phone, the overheated bearing hub ran out of oil and the fire went out on its own. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Kapuskasing OPP detachment, the Val Rita fire department, and Murray’s O.K. Tire in Val Rita, who had me back on the road by 1:15 p.m. Sunday afternoon! Everyone involved was a great help but I would like to say a special thank you to the driver on the CB. I did not have time to notice who he drives for and he kept on going when I pulled over -I can’t blame him as I had flammable liquid placards on the trailer! Please feel free to forward this to the government of Ontario, if their CB ban had been in effect, who knows what kind of disaster could have happened?

Kevin Brulotte Calgary, Alta.

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