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This holiday season, remember to say ‘thanks’

As we approach the Christmas season, I thought it would be a good time to give thanks to some very important people in our lives. Unfortunately, we often take them for granted and don't reward them ne...

As we approach the Christmas season, I thought it would be a good time to give thanks to some very important people in our lives. Unfortunately, we often take them for granted and don’t reward them nearly enough for their dedication and commitment to service and the good will they provide to our society.

To the men and women in our military, who defend our rights and freedoms every day. We can’t do enough for these men and women who sacrifice everything for us. We owe them so much for their sacrifice and service to us and our country.

My family and I attended the Remembrance Day ceremonies in Calgary on Nov. 11 to show our support and to honour our troops and the fallen. We have family members who served in the Second World War and died for our country.

Attending the ceremonies was the least we could do to show our respect and appreciation for their sacrifice. We were so proud to see all levels of the military (Army, Navy, Air Force, Cadets) dressed in their best uniforms -it was a glorious sight to see.

The ceremonies were packed with Calgarians showing their respect. Our troops are an example for us to follow. This should be a wake-up call for the rest of us who are sitting on the fence with no commitment, respect or appreciation for anything.

To the men and women who serve and represent the best interests of the trucking industry. We take them for granted as well and don’t value their contributions nearly enough. Take the time to thank them for their contributions to our industry.

Show your respect to them -they will soon be gone. Most of the moulds are broken and many of them will never be replaced.

To the men and women who deliver the goods and freight to the grocery stores, retail stores, home builders’ warehouses, pharmacies, department stores and everywhere else. How we take them for granted. Without them, the world would stop.

To the men and women who employ the personnel to dispatch the trucks, maintain the equipment, sell the parts and supplies and all others connected to the endless supply chain. The trucks couldn’t move without them.

To the men and women who maintain our roads and clear the snow from them after a storm. And to the power line personnel who repair the electrical grid after a storm. We would freeze in the dark without them.

To the road construction crews that build and repair our highways and infrastructure. There would be no progress without them.

To the doctors, nurses, pharmacists and medics that keep us healthy and tend to us when we are sick.

To Stars air ambulance (in Calgary) crews and others who attend accident scenes and have saved the lives of many victims.

To the police, firemen and DoT personnel who keep our society secure and keep our homes and roads safe.

To the truck drivers and emergency crews that clean up the accident sites on our roads and highways to keep traffic flowing smoothly.

And to the volunteers of our society who work tirelessly at the food banks, Salvation Army, drop-in centres, homeless shelters, community events and functions. Our society would be weaker without them.

This is the time of year that we all need to be thoughtful of the needs of the men and women mentioned above and of each other. Please take your time to show your appreciation and respect for the work they do for all of us.

On behalf of our members, family, friends and the trucking industry, we all wish to show our respect and appreciation to all of these important people.

We also would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year!

-Ron Singer is owner of Ron Singer Truck Lines and president of the Alberta Construction Trucking Association. He can be reached at 403-244-4487 or by e-mail at

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