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TransX, Liberty Linehaul receive top honours for low turnover rate

TORONTO, Ont. - In an industry constantly struggling to hang on to highly skilled workers, carriers who can successfully retain drivers are admired for their methods. That's why top-performing compani...

TORONTO, Ont. – In an industry constantly struggling to hang on to highly skilled workers, carriers who can successfully retain drivers are admired for their methods. That’s why top-performing companies in the retention field were honoured at the 4th Annual Canadian Recruiting and Retention Conference in Toronto.

The TransX Group of Companies was presented the 2006 OTR/SelecTrucks of Canada Canadian Retention Award in the Over 100 Power Units Category.

The award recognizes carriers who demonstrate the best overall lowest driver turnover rate, the most improved driver turnover rate, and the best effort to improve driver retention over a number of years.

An independent panel of industry experts judged submissions and this year’s award was presented to Dave Waver, director of safety and recruiting, and Mike Berlett, director of operations of the TransX Group.

“This year’s winners continue in the tradition of raising the bar by demonstrating exceptional dedication to reducing their company’s annual turnover,” said Nevio Turchet, national manager of SelecTrucks of Canada.

The TransX Group of Companies operates with 1,500 drivers, 1,100 power units and eight terminals across North America and runs an average of 130 million miles per year.

“Another great initiative is their mentoring program which coaches new drivers and they feature a Diamond Driver Program, which recognizes and rewards the efforts of drivers who continuously display an exceptional level of professionalism and excellence,” added Turchet, while presenting the award.

Liberty Linehaul of Ayr, Ont. won the same retention award in the Under 100 Power Units Category.

“I am pleased to recognize an Ontario-based LTL carrier who has been in business since 1987,” Turchet said. “As stated in their submission, this company’s drivers mean everything to them. They ensure their drivers are not only successful in their jobs, but in their lives. They make themselves available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to meet their driver’s needs and the owners of the company are hands-on, dealing with their drivers every day. They stress the importance of family in their drivers’ lives and work hard to involve family in the drivers’ success. They also reward their fleet for safety in the form of safe driving awards and performance bonuses. Overall, this company has done an excellent job of demonstrating a commitment to driver retention.”

In addition to the retention awards, the 2006 Canadian Dispatcher of the Year Award was presented to Ben O’Hara, dispatcher for Trimac Transportation’s Sarnia branch. The award recognizes an outstanding individual working in the field of dispatch who best demonstrates a commitment to customer service, safety, driver well-being, courtesy, teamwork and problem solving.

“Driver well-being is of the utmost importance to Ben,” O’Hara’s supervisor wrote in his letter of nomination. “On those infrequent occasions where he is forced to give an owner/operator a bad load he always makes it up to him or her. This results in drivers who want to work with him and will do anything to help him and the company. He works hard every day to make this the preferred place to work for everybody.”

The award is sponsored by Kim Richardson Transportation Specialists and Transcom Fleet Services. Submissions are judged by an independent panel of industry experts and must include letters of nomination management and drivers who the dispatcher works with.

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