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Are changes to the US hours-of-service regulations, implemented in July, costing drivers and trucking companies up to US$3.9 billion? That’s the finding of a study conducted by the respected, albeit ATA-affiliated American Transportation Research Institute. The research organization studied logbook data from more than 40,000 commercial drivers and surveyed 2,300 drivers and 400 motor carriers. It found 82.5% of American drivers suffered a negative impact to their quality of life, while 67% reported a decline in their earnings. ATRI pegged the cost to industry at US$1.6-$3.9 billion.

Meanwhile, the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA) conducted a study of its own, surveying more than 4,000 US truck drivers. It found that 46% of respondents are now more fatigued than before the rules were changed and that 65% were earning less money. That’s pretty consistent with the ATRI findings. (The ATA and OOIDA don’t agree on much, but they share an equal disdain for the new HoS rules). There’s no indication the US plans to reverse the rule changes, regardless of how big an effect it has on industry productivity.

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