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US won’t abide by speed limiter rule

Dear Editor:

Dear Editor:

Rather than enforcing the speed laws that already are on the books for everyone, both the Quebec, and very soon the Ontario government, will impose restrictions on the safe and timely movement of trucks into and out of Canada.

Do both of these provincial governments think the American truckers will reset the governors on all their trucks just in case they might find themselves travelling to Canada? I don’t think so.

The scenario might be the Americans imposing some limit or law that forces any Canadian truck to submit to a computer check to see if the drivers are following the American Regulations (ie: Hours-of-Service) at all times. This would negate any Hours-of-Service changes passed in Canada.

Well these are only my comments and thoughts. The government will do what they want no matter what any of us “dumb truck drivers” know.

Allan Quicke

Via e-mail

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