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Dear Editor:

Dear Editor:

Love the paper, read it all the time – keep up the good work.

I’m currently driving linehaul for FedEx Ground on the Toronto-Winnipeg run.

There is a serious problem with the truckers running this route. There is an overabundance of pee bottles littering the sides of the road all along the Trans-Canada. I myself can’t believe someone would do this but they obviously do and it sickens me with every bottle I see.

There is no excuse.

One person I have met (and he admitted that he did this when he drove truck) was a supervisor at a trucking company I was with.

Therefore I believe education has to start with management in all companies.

I hope you view this problem as serious as I do. It is a disgusting, dirty, filthy, sickening practice when you think about a driver, driving for six hours, doing 100 km/h peeing in a juice bottle, probably spilling and dripping all over the place, and then throwing it out the window.

Harold Watters

Via e-mail

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