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Webasto Harnesses Power of Evaporation to Provide Cab Cooling

LOUISVILLE, Ky. - Webasto has introduced an evaporative cooling system that takes advantage of water evaporation to cool the cab with no power source and zero emissions.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – Webasto has introduced an evaporative cooling system that takes advantage of water evaporation to cool the cab with no power source and zero emissions.

The NiteCool system was unveiled at the Mid-America Trucking Show. It will be marketed to day cab operators and some sleeper cab applications, announced Reid Landis, marketing project specialist with Webasto.

The NiteCool TCC-100 takes advantage of heat extraction through water evaporation, drawing warm air in from outside the cab, circulating it through a pre-cooling chamber and further cooling it when the warm air molecules try to evaporate water from the system’s seven-gallon water tank. Thanks to the natural phenomenon of evaporation, the remaining air molecules are cooler and those are then circulated into the cab of the truck to reduce the interior temperature. No fuel is required at all and as a result, the system doesn’t create any emissions, Landis pointed out. Users can also opt to run only the fan which also is capable of cooling the cab to some extent.

The product is particularly convenient for day cab operations where the driver cannot idle while loading or unloading. It allows the driver to maintain a cool cab when the truck is turned off while parked at the dock or shut down for a lunch break.

Testing has shown the unit can maintain a temperature of 79.8 F in the cab when the ambient temperature is 95 F.

When it’s 86 F outside, the cab can be maintained at 72.5 F, Landis said.

Exact results vary depending on humidity.

Drier climates result in improved performance because drier air molecules are more readily and easily evaporated, Landis explained.

“The NiteCool Cabin Cooler is just one of a suite of options from Webasto Product North America that truck owners and operators can choose from to that addresses fuel usage, idling regulations, reducing emissions and meeting comfort needs,” said Landis. “Using the evaporation method creates a product design that does not use any fuel, thus it produces zero emissions, and it allows for a unit that is extremely lightweight, easy to install, easy to maintain and is a lower cost than optional products.”

The NiteCool TCC-100 mounts to the roof of the cab, but its slim profile adds just five inches to the height of the vehicle.

The driver must fill the water tank after every 10-20 hours of operation, meaning it can also keep a sleeper cab cool while a driver sleeps.

Maintenance requirements involve replacing a filter once a year and running a small amount of chlorine through the system every two months for cleaning.

The system can be purchased with a remote control so it can be operated from outside the vehicle.

Unlike competitive products already on the market, the NiteCool system does not require a water return line, Landis pointed out. The water is re-circulated repeatedly until it has completely evaporated at which time it draws fresh water from the main tank.

Landis said the system can be easily installed and retails for US$1,295.

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