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What’s New… (September 01, 2004)


Nationwide statistics show that the majority of at-fault accidents in the commercial carrier environment take place when backing up. According to a study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there are approximately 170,000 commercial-carrier backing accidents each year in the U.S. alone. Rostra Precision Controls’ RearSentry rear obstacle sensing system uses leading edge microwave technology to detect objects within a 12-foot radius of the vehicle’s rear. Drivers are alerted through a series of audible beeps that increase in intensity, and from an in-dash LED display that changes from green to yellow to red, as objects draw closer. A maintenance-free RearSentry system can be installed in less than 60 minutes by mounting two microwave sensors under the bumper. The wires connect conveniently to the wiring harness supplying the rear light assembly of the vehicle. An audible module easily fits inside the truck cab, and the tri-color LED display can be clearly mounted on or near the dash. To find a dealer/installer, contact Rostra Precision Controls at 1-800-782-3379 or visit

Whitney Blake Company has introduced its Tuffline Straight Cable Assembly as part of its Tuffline truck cord series. Whitney Blake’s new truck cable is an interconnect system designed to meet the rigorous, heavy-duty demands of the trucking industry. The Tuffline Green truck cord meets the highest power requirements of ABS and general purpose red cable assembles to SAE. Each truck cable is pre-engineered with superior abrasion resistance, extension life, sag-resistant coil memory and resistance to road salt. They deliver excellent resistance to fluids of all kinds, including: battery acid, brake fluid, diesel fuel, engine coolants, power steering fluid, and a host of other oils that pose problems for normal truck cables. The unique barrel design of the connector promotes multi-contact points, eliminates pin surface treatment wear, lowers insertion force, and requires no contact grease. Each truck cable also features specially designed connectors and a rugged, abrasion-resistant jacket for handling the rough conditions inherent to the trucking industry. Information is also available on the company’s Web site at

Psion Teklogix, a global provider of solutions for mobile computing and wireless data collection, has released the NETBOOK PRO, a task-oriented mobile computing device. The device bridges the gap between the small and large form factors, such as the PDA and laptop, eliminating the difficult trade-offs that enterprises have been forced to make in the past. The new hand-held computer combines the qualities of a PDA, including a touch screen, with the features of a laptop, including a keyboard. Its full-colour SVGA screen allows web pages and other business applications to be viewed in the same format as a notebook or desktop PC. With its instant-on capability and a full keyboard, data can be entered quickly and with greater ease than touch-screen-only PDA devices. The device is about half the size of a typical laptop computer. For more information, visit

Volvo Premium 15W40 motor oil is now available from Volvo Truck dealers in North America. The motor oil was specially developed for use with modern EGR-equipped engines. It meets Volvo VDS-2 and VDS-3 specifications. It provides protection against soot induced wear, filter plugging, viscosity change and oil oxidation. Volvo Premium 15W40 is available exclusively from Volvo Truck dealers in one-gallon jugs, five-gallon pails, 55-gallon drums and 220 gallon bulk containers. For more information, visit n

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