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What’s New… (February 01, 2004)

PocketMail Group Ltd. and Internet Truckstop have created a mobile load-matching service for truckers without PCs or laptops. Using PocketMail's handheld mobile e-mail device PocketMail Composer, truc...

PocketMail Group Ltd. and Internet Truckstop have created a mobile load-matching service for truckers without PCs or laptops. Using PocketMail’s handheld mobile e-mail device PocketMail Composer, truckers can access the Internet Truckstop’s large database of truckloads, anytime, anywhere, using virtually any phone. Truckers can also send in a truck posting and receive matching loads. A trucker can access the information by filling in an electronic form on the PocketMail Composer. For example, you can search for a certain type of load within the radius of a specific city, by providing basic data including an Internet Truckstop account number, your starting point, radius from starting point and truck type. The user then dials the toll-free PocketMail telephone service, holds the PocketMail Composer up to the receiver and presses a button. Search and transmission typically takes less than one minute, with the results being returned to the PocketMail Composer in the same transmission. For more information, visit or call toll free 877-362-4543.

Cetaris Inc. is making VMRS 2000 support available to all its fleet customers using the Fleet Assistant maintenance software. VMRS (vehicle maintenance reporting standards) allows fleets to improve the consistency and quality of their maintenance data and provides a foundation for fleets to conduct internal trend analysis and benchmark their maintenance operation with other fleets utilizing VMRS, according to Cetaris. VMRS establishes a universal reporting convention for industries that utilize all types of cars, trucks, and other equipment as well as standardizes the data records and reports related to the activities associated with their unique maintenance operation. Cetaris developed Fleet Assistant in collaboration with a major vehicle OEM, benefiting from more than 30 years of combined fleet maintenance experience. According to the company, Fleet Assistant marks a shift from simply tracking equipment data and expenses to making proactive, fact-based decisions through the analysis and interpretation of fleet data.

A new locating device has been developed by Magnatec Technologie GmbH in Germany to facilitate monitoring and tracking of valuable shipments in transit. The system, accommodated in a small housing, enables shipments to be located via the GSM mobile phone network and records the results on digital cards. This means it does not suffer from the typical disadvantages of satellite-based GPS systems – for example having to be in the line of sight of at least three satellites. It can quickly be attached to containers or crates or unobtrusively slipped in with postal consignments or cardboard boxes. For more information visit

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