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Worried About Losing My Best Driving Partner

Dear Editor:

Dear Editor:

I’m writing in response to your article on the re-testing requirements placed on senior drivers in Ontario. I’m in my 30s so I’m not directly affected by the requirements, but I drive team with a man in his 60s who will have to re-test next year and I’m worried that I might lose the best driving partner I’ve ever had.

My driving partner recently moved to Ontario from Manitoba where he did a 13-week driving course at the age of 62.

He took the driving course because although he used to haul logs in the bush in Ontario 20 years ago, he wanted to update his skills and licence. He passed the course and aced his road test and has been driving long-haul steadily for over two years.

But now that he’s moved back to Ontario, he will have to re-test every year. He has had no tickets, no accidents and more importantly, I sleep soundly in the back of the truck as he drives. I trust him with my life.

How can that be evaluated by an hour-long driving test?

Something doesn’t smell right about this whole re-testing business. It seems like age discrimination to me.

If the MTO is concerned about safety they’d put rest stops for trucks -at least one every 100 km along Hwy. 17 and Hwy. 11.

But taking away a person’s livelihood in an hour because of a test (often supervised by a person who can’t even drive a rig) is unfair and blatant age discrimination.

Sarah Truman Hamilton, Ont. Via e-mail

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