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MTO may delay Ontario’s CB radio ban by five years

TORONTO, Ont. -- The Ontario Ministry of Transportation may extend the exemption for hand-held, two-way radio usage under the province’s 2009 distracted driving law for an additional five years.

TORONTO, Ont. — The Ontario Ministry of Transportation may extend the exemption for hand-held, two-way radio usage under the province’s 2009 distracted driving law for an additional five years.

Before making the final decision, the ministry is soliciting stakeholder and public feedback on the issue of continuing to allow commercial drivers to use two-way, CB Radios beyond the current Jan. 1 deadline.

Because of the pervasive use of these devices among commercial drivers, MTO agreed to a three-year, phase-out to allow for the development of hands-free, two-way technologies. At the time, MTO stated that should no suitable alternative be developed to replace CBs within that timeframe, it would consider expanding the exemption.

In a letter to the Ontario Trucking Association, transportation minister Bob Chiarelli, stated that while it recognizes that a market to replace hand-held CBs has not developed at this time, the government and industry must continue to work towards a viable solution.

The Ontario Trucking Association, which supports the intent of Ontario’s ban on hand-held devices, says it would welcome an additional five-year exemption for CB radios.

OTA president, David Bradley, agrees that the market for a hands-free version of the still popular CB “is going to need more time to develop.” He says the CB “remains an important safety and social communication tool for thousands of truck drivers” and commends MTO for “choosing a regulatory path specifically for these devices that encourages the development of a suitable, readily available hands-free technology down the road but in the meantime is not disruptive to the everyday operations of countless truck drivers.”

Comments to the ministry can be made from April 16 to May 30 by way of the government’s Regulatory Registry at

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11 Comments » for MTO may delay Ontario’s CB radio ban by five years
  1. double h says:

    well maybe this liberal govt will actually do something rite for once….cbs are a vital part of trucking

  2. TD says:

    the cb has been around almost as long as trucks. if you cannot handle a cb maybe you should not be behind the wheel. I believe they are easier than a gps to run and less distracting and one hand on a mike is not a danger.

  3. meslippery says:

    And banning the CB will No Doubt help with the
    driver SHORTAGE.

  4. Rabbit says:

    CB radios have been around almost as long as trucking itself. I have never heard of a wreck being caused by a CB. Its not like you have to dial a # to get a hold of someone. I see no difference in talking on a CB than talking to a passenger, other than you can’t see the person you are talking to. What next? you can’t talk to your team partner any more? I guess we had all better devellope E.S.P.

  5. B.Hopper says:

    Having a CB in the truck has been a valuable asset to my getting from point A to point b safely. Drivers share valuable information, such as an accident down the road that has caused a major backup. Most times the driver can make a decison to take an alternate truck route to bypass the congestion instead of adding to it. That line of communication with a fellow driver that is heading in the same direction as you are and who may not be out of hours but is tired, talking with another driver can be very helpful. The CB saved my life one day in Northern Ontario on Hwy 17 when a driver was passing another one where there was no passing lane and because the roads up there are so precarious They were not in my line of sight. had I not heard the comment from one of the drivers I would not have been prepared to meet 2 tractor trailers passing on this 2 lane hwy.Somehow we all passed by safely. Pls rethink your decision to eliminate this valuable too or drivers, if hands free is made available hopefully it will also be affordable.Drivers put their life on the line every day out there and very few appreciate them so don’t take away their lifeline!

  6. traverse mcdonald says:

    okay enough already why does ont have to be in the sack with alberta a cb ban come on its enough that we have canada’s version of dumb and dumber with mcguinty and harper we have the limiter why don’t we just hang up our key’s and let the govrnment use the rail as they have been trying to do for year’s as for the ota involvment most people have no idea on how dangerous our roads really are tkx to dumbass bradey over the years he has had some real winners with him on the board leave the cb alone

  7. trucker mike says:

    Can we just use paper cups and a string. Gov seems to be acting like kids over our tools. And im sure rob ford would want to join in to seeing how our gov is a effin joke to his crap…

  8. Robert J says:

    CB radio is a life line for truckers to communicate to others as part of their day. I live and truck in northeastern Cellar service is very spotty so that having a good cb radio is a valuable asset.

  9. trucker mike says:

    What a joke. They take this away watch how many big trucks get into a wreck cause they dident have a heads up on the next blind bend… instagram trucker__mike 2underscores

  10. Don Hogarth says:

    The solution is simple. Mount the microphone in a suitable place and use a foot operated microphone key switch (completely hands free) with more trucks with automatic transmissions and less need to shift gears on the highway it will give your left foot something to do. It will work just as well for company two way radios.

  11. Karen says:

    Not that I was ever asked but – might I add … I have driven the country numerous times in a 4 wheeler, and in those grand remote stretches of nothingness it’s kind of nice to know you’re not out there alone. I’ve had times where the CB has definitely saved my bacon when I’ve been completely turned around and was able to holler for assistance, and granted cell phones and all right; so when one grabs the wrong cord? Then what …
    I’ve had times in insane blizzards I’ve been invited to follow the rigs who are tracking on GPS and won’t lose the road and I’ve had times I’ve been able to get in behind a driver in a panic and make sure he can slow it down and drive safely, don’t worry about me or them – I’ll cover your rear. I’ve had many times when a CB in the vehicle has made driving safer, more pleasant and far more of a joint effort, I have had absolutely no times when the CB was a danger, a distraction, or a detriment. In the city it’s off, but if I’m running up where the big moose run a CB is kind of … bush equipment for safety and sanity, and if folks really get chatty, there’s a thing called – swap drivers – you may have heard of it? CB’s to me even in a 4 wheeler are far more productive than common radio, a phone, or any other such idotry – a CB has even saved my life, and the life of the police officer attending the scene where 5 of us had gone off the road over a period of 10 minutes (no crashes just ditches) who was able to be told – slow down! slow down!!!!!!! SLOW DOWN!!!!!!!! As she approached, a nd before she too joined us in the ditch.
    CB’s are a safety tool – they help keep drivers involved and focused and if you’ve never experienced snow blind or yellow line fever … well then … let me introduce you to the vast empty roads of the north.
    Those of you making these proposed regulations have never traveled the country using our own road systems – have you …. IT SHOWS. But if the states allows it and we don’t, even I who has made every other drive of this nature to date on my own side – would seriously consider putting my fuel and food funds into American coffers … Just sayin’

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