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Trucker kidnapped, robbed and beaten in Regina

REGINA, Sask. — A truck driver was kidnapped, robbed and beaten in Regina this month before being released because one of his captors didn’t want to deal with a dead body that night, according to a report by local news outlet News Talk 980 CJME.

The attack happened Dec. 18 when the driver parked his rig and then took a cab to use an ATM.

According to the report, the driver was taken to a house that had apparently been the site of other similar robberies. He was beaten with a hammer and his money and credit cards stolen.

After discussing whether or not they should kill him, the three attackers decided to release him, but not before trying to disorient him by spinning him in circles with his eyes covered. However, the professional driver’s directional skills seem to have come in handy – he was able to find help and lead police to the house where the attack occurred.

Two men were arrested and a third is still on the loose. You can read the full report here.

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2 Comments » for Trucker kidnapped, robbed and beaten in Regina
  1. Rita says:

    How terrible.
    Makes me wonder if our punishments are not tough enough.
    Recently visiting Cuba, we asked for a room with a deadbolt, as the door only had a turn style lock. The front desk told us that they do not have a probem with theift there, because if you are caught steeling, your hand is cut off.

  2. Tony Godsoe says:

    Poor Guy, I hope they got the cab driver who took him there, but would you not get suspicious, if you asked to go to an ATM and the driver took you to a house. I would not get out of the cab.

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