Driver, Meet TABLET

TABLET is a powerful in-cab PC that runs all of our performance-enhancing applications and yours. TABLET is driver-friendly-personalized to driver preferences with a 7-inch touch screen, stylus and on-screen keyboard. And TABLET is fast, boosting communications speed with its 120 GB hard drive, 1.6 GHz CPU,1 GB RAM and Windows 7. But flexibility is what truly sets it apart. Drivers can take TABLET out of the cab to capture signatures, scan bar codes and take photos. Freedom meets productivity with the PeopleNet TABLET.

The Alutrec Difference

Alutrec Inc, located in Québec (Canada), was founded by Julien Nadeau. Being a former driver and fleet owner himself, Julien Nadeau has dedicated himself to achieving a better understanding of all aspects of the trucking industry. Frustrated in his search for products that met his own strict requirements, Julien Nadeau founded Alutrec two decades ago. After all, who better than a former "insider" to understand the needs and concerns of the trucking industry!

Boyd Bros.: A Customer Testimonial

When truckload carrier Boyd Bros. felt uncertain about how they were pricing certain lanes, they turned to TMW Systems for help. Pricing Manager Gary Jones believes that having access to Netwise and its Market Rate Index has not only allowed them to price their lanes with more certainty, it forced them to re-evaluate some of their long-held beliefs about who their good and bad customers are. Since implementing Netwise, they've also seen a 16% increase in revenue per mile!