The new Behr Hella PAO-Oil 68 Plus UV synthetic compressor oil is guaranteed on all types of air conditioning systems and includes a UV leak detection agent. The product is one of the early results of the joint venture between A/C specialist Behr and the lighting/electronics experts at Hella, launched in April 2007. The new oil is exclusively available from Hella, Inc., the North American aftermarket subsidiary of the German giant.

The suitability of the lubricant for all types of A/C systems eliminates the need to stock different oils in order to meet various application requirements. Behr Hella says this multi-grade oil is designed for A/C systems in all vehicles from passenger cars to heavy trucks, as well as
agricultural and construction equipment. The oil’s leak detection ingredient is a concentrated, highly effective UV dye that does not affect the oil’s performance characteristics. Technicians and fleet owners/managers alike should be pleased because it eliminates the need to
purchase and add a leak-detection chemical during A/C service, saving both time and money.

The Behr Hella oil is non-hygroscopic, so it does not absorb moisture, which allows for storage over long periods after opening. They’re also compatible with other lubricants and reduce the noise level of the compressor. Mobile A/C systems treated with PAO-Oil 68 Plus UV are claimed to deliver a higher level of cooling performance with lower energy expenditure, and perform reliably at operating temperatures between -91°F (-68°C) and 599°F (315°C).

The molecules in PAO-Oil 68 Plus UV oil are engineered to attach themselves to all metallic surfaces in the A/C system, displace other molecules (such as oils and dirt), and form a thin oil film on the surface of the system’s components. This oil film is virtually just one molecule thick, the company says, meaning there’s no danger of oil accumulation in the evaporator and a related reduction in cooling performance.

Hella offers a warranty too: if in the event that a compressor becomes defective because of Behr Hella PAO-Oil, all parts costs (new compressor) and labor costs (removal and replacement of compressor) are covered by Behr Hella Service.

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