Mack unveiled an assortment of product enhancements at Mid America, including new, optimized roof and chassis fairings for Pinnacle models, more fuel-efficient Econodyne ratings for its MP engine line, and interior enhancements to improve driver comfort.

The re-designed roof fairings are for the Pinnacle 70-in. high- and mid-rise sleepers as well as the 60-in. mid-rise. The company also debuted stronger, lighter, longer chassis fairings covering up to a 140-gal fuel tank yet costing considerably less than the previous option. Customers ordering Mack Pinnacle model sleepers with improved aerodynamics can expect up to 6% fuel efficiency improvement, the company claims.

Mack also announced the addition of four new Econodyne ratings – MP7-405E, MP8-415E, MP8-445E, MP8-505E – fully optimized for fuel efficiency, it says, without sacrificing power. Through an enhanced fuel mapping strategy, Mack claims its EconoBoost intelligent torque-management system offers an extra 200 lb ft of torque.

EconoBoost initiates at 1300 rpm, the company explains, providing additional power that allows drivers to remain longer in the top two gears. The engine torque reverts back to the lower profile when the engine senses situations with zero torque input, such as cresting a hill.
Mack also introduced a new twin-steer package for its Granite model, available in axle-forward or axle-back packages. The twin-steer now offers vertical back-of-cab aftertreatment – DPF and SCR. Mack’s vocational trucks now also feature Body Link III. Designed with extensive input from body builders, the company says, the new Body Link III provides a conveniently located under-cab 29-pin connector, cab pass-through boot for a quick and reliable body hookup, and assignable in-cab switches.

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