Aerofficient designs sliding trailer fairing for improved fuel savings

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LINCONSHIRE, Ill. — Aerofficient has come out with a new Slider fairing for trailers, which the company says expands or contracts when the trailer’s axles are moved, increasing fuel savings by 80% compared to fixed trailer fairings.

“In TMC Type IV testing by a prominent fleet using an independent fuel economy testing expert, our Slider fairing boosted fuel savings by 80% over trailers using standard fixed fairings in a zero wind condition when the trailer’s tandems were set at the 41-ft. setting,” said Jim Reiman, CEO of Aerofficient. “Assuming 60,000 miles of highway driving and $4.00 per gallon fuel cost, the Aerofficient Slider will save $1,235 more than a standard side fairing.”

The new system eliminates the gap between the trailing edge of the fairing and the front tire when a trailer’s tandems are set rearward of their maximum forward position, the company explains.

“The greater the gap between the trailing edge of the fairing and the trailer’s front tire, the less efficient the side fairing becomes,” said Marty Fletcher, executive director of product development and fuel economy testing expert with Aerofficient.

Filling the gap and effectively lengthening the fairing contributes to greater fuel savings, the company claims. Typically, a trailer with a 41-ft. axle setting has a gap of 30-40 inches between the fixed fairing’s trailing edge and the trailer’s front tire.

The Aerofficient Slider is affixed to the trailer’s sliding axles and moves with the axles. No driver involvement is required to adjust the fairing, according to the company. If maintenance is required underneath the trailer the Slider can be detached from the axles and slid forward for access.

Production of the new design will begin in April and will be offered through from the manufacturer and through trailer dealers. For more information, visit

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