The EZ Claw system is an innovative means of preventing air hoses from dragging along the ground underneath a sliding trailer tandem after the springs stretch and stay there. The EX Claw replaces those springs, which fatigue quickly.

A pair of stainless-steel guides, along with a series of aluminum retainer blocks, maintain hose alignment and prevent them from crimping or sagging. A clever tensioning system keeps the hoses up high, close to the trailer’s underside and out of harm’s way as a result of snow or ice buildups.

The company, EZ Claw, Inc., makes the point that as trailer skirts become more and more common, pre-trip inspections are less likely to catch sagging air lines. This is a no-touch system that requires nothing of the driver, and it weighs only about 14 lb on a 53-footer.

Component quality is top notch, with parts made of stainless steel, aluminum, aircraft-grade cable, and top-grade steel. The EZ Claw is guaranteed for five years.

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