Auto-Hauler Tire

M749 drive tire for auto haulers

Bridgestone says its new M749 drive tire is the first it’s designed specifically for long- and regional-haul car carriers.

The M749 comes in a new size unique to the Bridgestone lineup, 295/60R22.5. The company says it’s built to withstand the carrying capacity demands of the auto-haul segment while also maintaining high sustained speeds on long highway stretches.

Other features of the M749 include: patented WavedBelt design to minimize belt stress at the edges, preserve casing durability, and reduce casing growth; tie bars to control movement of the shoulder tread block for low rolling resistance and long, even wear; multiple cross-rib sipes to improve traction by slicing through water for a solid grip on wet roads; and flexible groove-fence partitions in the tire groove to dampen noise production.

The Bridgestone M749 is available now.

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