NBB auxiliary lamps from NBB Canada, representing ABL Lights Group, are made in Sweden. The lights come in several styles and sizes, round and rectangular, with pencil and broad beams, halogen and xenon bulbs, on- and off-road specs. NBB has been making lights since 1946, incidentally.

In the picture above you see the company’s polished light bar on a Western star, which comes with four lamp brackets and two solid mounts. The lamps are NBB Alpha 225s (245mm high from the mount, 225mm or 8.85 in. in diameter), which can be equipped with road-legal 55w halogen bulbs or, in two off-road versions, 100w halogen and 35w HID/Xenon bulbs. Broad-beam and pencil-beam patterns are available. With the Xenon bulb, the pencil beam lights the road a full kilometer ahead, but it’s not cheap — that full 4-lamp setup costs about $2000 plus taxes with Xenon bulbs. It’s just $600 plus taxes in halogen form. Xenon will last 10 times longer than the 55w halogen bulb, however, and delivers three times the light with less power consumption. NBB says it’s also better able to deal with vibration.

Smaller round 170mm (6.7 in.) lamps are also available in both halogen and Xenon types, as well as a rectangular lamp measuring 162 by 135 mm (6.4 x 5.3 in.).

All lamps have a strong fiberglass-reinforced plastic housing with polycarbonate or hardened-glass lenses, well sealed against weather, the company says.

NBB Canada, without a website, can be reached at 819-694-6000 or 888-622-2260, or by e-mail at ABL’s full catalog or spec sheets for each lamp can be downloaded at

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