Axle options for Kenworth cabovers

by Truck News

Kenworth has added three Dana Spicer axles to K270 and K370 medium-duty cabovers.

The truck models are now available with the Dana Spicer S140 Series of single-reduction, single-drive axles, with gross axle weight ratings from 16,000 to 21,000 lb. The two S140 Series axles feature a ratio coverage from 3.31 to 6.50, and standard R Series spindles.

The S140 also features GenTech gearing to reduce noise levels by up to 12 dB versus standard gear designs, and provide a smoother vehicle ride. And up to 85 lb. has been shed when compared to the Dana P20060S axle.

The Dana Spicer S21-172 and S21-172E single-reduction, single-drive axles offer added durability, reliability and efficiency compared to the S170 Series. Both have a 21,000-lb. rating and ratios between 3.07 and 6.14. The S21-172 is 57 lb. lighter than the S21-170 that came before it, and also uses 10 pints less oil and 10-20% power loss for the same ratio. The S21-172E, meanwhile, offers the same weight and oil usage as its S21-170E predecessor.

The 10-000-lb. Dana Spicer E1002IL steer axle features a steel-forged beam design, and comes in both standard and wide-beam widths, saving 35 lb. per vehicle.

The one-piece forged design that includes the steer arm, tie rod arm, and spindle for turn angles up to 55 degrees. There also is a large-diameter kingpin with a bushing area that’s 15% larger, kingpin joint-sealed thrust bearings with compressible inserts for added strength, and standard- and wide-beam widths.


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