Bendix air dryer features electronic controls

Bendix is building on its AD-HF air dryer with the release of a new unit – the AD-HFi — that adds electronic pressure control.

The new functionality comes courtesy of a solenoid-operated valve that replaces the traditional mechanical governor, precisely regulating the dryer’s charge and regeneration cycles.

Bendix AD-HFi air dryer
(Photo: Bendix)

A mechanical governor’s status runs within two fixed pressure settings, but the AD-HFi’s solenoid is controlled by electronic air control software, which monitors a range of data across the truck’s J1939 network, including speed, engine torque, and rpm, Bendix explains.

 So the AD-HFi unit can modify charge cycle based on air system and engine demands. If a tractor is hauling multiple trailers, for example, the software can trigger extra short purge cycles.

Energy is also saved through an overrun function, which captures free energy when running downhill or idling, or the overtake function that lowers the cut-in and cut-out thresholds when trying to pass or climb a hill.

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