Bendix has launched Wingman Advanced collision mitigation technology, building on the company’s ESP stability system. As well, its Trailer Remote Diagnostic Unit (TRDU) can now be used to diagnose trailer ABS problems on most trailer systems, including those from WABCO and Haldex.

Using a radar sensor mounted to the front of the vehicle, Wingman Advanced delivers both warnings and active interventions to help drivers avoid rear-end collisions or at least help reduce their severity. The system provides following-distance and stationary-object alerts which are always available – whether or not cruise control is engaged. When drivers utilize the adaptive cruise control with braking feature, the system will also actively intervene to help them maintain a safe following distance behind a forward vehicle by reducing throttle, engaging the engine retarder, or if necessary applying the foundation brakes.

The collision mitigation feature of Bendix Wingman Advanced provides additional interventions, whether or not cruise control is active, by alerting the driver and automatically applying the brakes to help decelerate the vehicle when the system senses a rear-end collision may be imminent. About two-thirds of the available braking power of the vehicle can be delivered this way, compared to about one-third through adaptive cruise control with braking.

The driver maintains control and can add additional braking or steering inputs to help avoid or minimize the collision situation.

Bendix says it’s working with International, Kenworth, Peterbilt, Volvo, and Mack  to determine timing on the system’s release.

Said to be easy-to-use, the Bendix TRDU is designed to help technicians identify the exact location and component of the trailer ABS problem. Just 1.5 in. in diameter and less than 2 in. tall, it simply plugs into the trailer’s seven-pin connector using an adaptor. 

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