Bridgestone Unveils All-Position Retread

Bridgestone Americas has launched its new Bandag BRM3 retread, featuring a proprietary compound and advanced tread design. The company says it’s engineered to deliver a balance of long wear, durability, and traction, designed for use as an all-position tire in the refuse industry.

Key features of the BRM3 retread, says Bridgestone, include:

* A proprietary, scrub-resistant compound, which contributes to long service life.

* Robust shoulders that help resist damage caused by frequent twisting and turning often found in refuse applications.

* A high center void design to enhance traction, and shoulder sipes that contribute to strong grip on wet roads.

The BRM3 retread promises to lower cost per mile or reduce cost per driver hours. It’s claimed to deliver significant improvements over its predecessors, including an improvement of more than 20% in wet braking traction when compared to the BRM2 tread pattern, and 20% longer wear life than the BRM tread pattern.

Rolf Lockwood is editor emeritus of Today's Trucking and a regular contributor to

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