Air-Weigh has a new on-board scale designed to meet the unique weighing challenges faced by auto haulers. It includes components from the 5800-series in-dash tractor scale kit with Air-Weigh’s standard 5802 series trailer scale to provide a complete on-board weighing solution. The auto-hauler scale is said to provide accurate weights for the steer, drive, and trailer axles along with the GVW, and net payload.

The auto hauler scale adds a deflection sensor for the steer axle. The steer axle weight is a challenge for auto haulers because vehicles loaded onto stinger headramps put more weight on the steer and drive axles than a typical van or flatbed trailer.

While working to determine the most effective scale system, Air-Weigh turned to one of the largest Cottrell dealers in the United States, East Coast Truck and Trailer Sales, Inc. East Coast tested the scales and provided feedback that allowed Air-Weigh to make modifications to the scale package before its release.

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