Landa has enhanced its super-compact, gasoline-powered SUV line of hot-water pressure washers by upgrading to the Landa pump with a 7-year warranty. The pump, with its three ceramic plungers, increases the average expectant life of the high-pressure pumps for these models to 2500 hours-matching the average life of the 6- and 7-hp engines used on the two SUV models.

As well as the 7-year warranty on the oil end of the pump, there’s a lifetime warranty on its brass manifold. It’s engineered to produce the same amount of water flow as other tri-plunger pumps but at 10% lower rpm, extending its life.

The two models of the self-contained, compact, SUV pressure washer feature 6- and 7-hp Subaru engines coupled with Landa’s proprietary Super-Duty Regulator to produce a constant supply of 12-volt DC power for the diesel-fired burner used to heat the water. It also eliminates the need for a battery or generator.

The SUV, which stands only 39 in. high and weighs less than 400 lb, is aimed at on-site cleaning where electricity is not available. The two models-SUV3-20124 and SUV3-24124-deliver cleaning power of 2.5 and 2.7 gallons per minute and 2000 and 2400 psi of pressure respectively.

The SUV’s heating coil has a five-year warranty, and the washer has vibration isolators to absorb vibration from engine and moving parts. Its 4 evenly balanced, tubed pneumatic tires offer all-terrain maneuverability.

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