Continental cameras watch over articulated equipment

by Today's Trucking

Continental has introduced a new line of cameras and monitors designed for articulated equipment or other applications where fleets want to avoid long cable lengths. There’s a camera designed specifically for forklift applications, too.

The cameras and monitors use a unique code-pairing technology that supports simple installations, and also reduces interference and maintains stable video connections as far as 130 yards.

(Illustration: Continental)

There are two 120-degree wide-angle wireless camera options: A single-view model with a 728×488-pixel resolution, and a quad view model delivering 756×504 pixels. Up to four cameras can be grouped together to provide a complete view around the vehicle. The cameras also include up to four LEDs to support infrared (IR) night vision.

The camera designed for forklifts, meanwhile, features a 45-degree wide angle view and three LEDs to support IR night vision.

Two remote-controlled seven-inch monitors will interface with the cameras as required.

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