Cummins Unveils 2017 Engine

The 2017 Cummins ISX15At the Mid-America show last week Cummins unveiled the 2017 ISX15 and a unique single-module aftertreatment system, along with enhancements to its 2015 15-liter engine and new electronic features capable of delivering up to a 3% improvement in fuel economy.

The 2015 ISX15 now features NanoNet media lube filtration for what Cummins calls “best in class” particle removal, capacity and cold-flow ability, delivering superior protection and filter life. Also, the diesel particulate filter cleaning interval has been extended to 400,000 miles for linehaul applications that average greater than 5.5 mpg, which provides added reduction in overall total cost of ownership for customers.

Cummins ADEPT technology is a new suite of electronic features that will deliver fuel-economy gains of up to 3% initially for ISX15 customers operating with automated manual transmissions, says the company. It uses load-, speed-, and grade-sensing technology to initiate adjustments to speed, power and transmission gear to take advantage of vehicle momentum for better fuel economy.

The first ADEPT package includes two features: SmartCoast and SmartTorque2 (ST2). SmartCoast operates when the vehicle is coasting downhill by disengaging the driveline and returning the engine to idle to reduce drag, conserve vehicle momentum, and ultimately improve fuel economy. ST2 uses the same torque-management intelligence first introduced on the SmartAdvantage powertrain to help eliminate unnecessary downshifts and keep the engine operating in the most fuel-efficient ‘sweet spot’. The first ADEPT package will be available in summer 2015, and customers will be able to upgrade as future packages are released.

The 2017 ISX15, with a horsepower range from 400 to 605, will feature two distinct optimized designs for customers, with one targeted for customers seeking maximum fuel economy and the other for high- performance-oriented fleets. Design updates to the ISX15 for 2017 include a more responsive and efficient turbocharger, further optimization for downspeeding, integrated ADEPT technology, and continued reduction in parasitic loss. Cummins will continue to push the envelope on extending maintenance intervals on the 2017 ISX15 and validate the technology with nearly 9 million miles of real-world experience – the most testing of any product launch to date.

Another key feature of the 2017 ISX15 is the introduction of the Single Module aftertreatment system from Cummins Emission Solutions. It’s the result of customer-driven design, the company says, as the system will provide customers up to a 60% reduction in size and space claim, up to a 40% reduction in weight, and enhanced efficiencies thanks to advancements in catalyst technologies and urea dosing solutions.

Cummins Connected Diagnostics, compatible with leading telematics providers, delivers instant notification with expert diagnosis of engine faults and expands the company’s ability to provide customer support. Connected Diagnostics will begin full production this month.

Rolf Lockwood is editor emeritus of Today's Trucking and a regular contributor to

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