Dual-Pole Plug and Socket

Rolf Lockwood

Phillips Industries has introduced the first auxiliary vertical dual-pole plug and socket that meet the new SAE J3082 standards for high-current connections between a tractor and a trailer to provide power to application-specific equipment installed on the trailer.

SAE J3082 was released in late 2015 and includes standards for vertically aligned pins, typically for loads such as power tarpaulins. Phillips’ unique vertical dual-pole design includes offset pins that allow for ground contact to occur prior to power, preventing the potential for arcing. This feature, along with a more robust plug-to-socket lock, makes for a very safe product.

The new cables, plugs, and sockets are designed to be used with light duty tarpaulin and skirt applications that use a trailer battery pack. The cables are made with either four- or six-gauge fine stranded copper for flexibility, with an internal ground to improve ground connections. They’re offered in both straight and coiled configurations. The socket can be universally installed for either four- or six-gauge cable applications. 

Rolf Lockwood

Rolf Lockwood is editor emeritus of Today's Trucking and a regular contributor to Trucknews.com.

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