Bridgestone debuted its new Ecopia truck tires and Bandag FuelTech retreads at the Mid-America Trucking Show. These two product lines, five new tires and four retreads, are designed to work together.

Specially engineered compounds paired with matching retread patterns promote an eco-friendly system that continues optimal low rolling resistance from new Ecopia tire to FuelTech retread while extending casing life, the company says.

The Ecopia line includes the Greatec M835 Ecopia drive and Greatec R135 Ecopia trailer radials for fleets that have adopted wide base singles. Both tires utilize Bridgestone’s patented NanoPro-Tech polymer technology in the tread compound and a high-rigidity tread pattern that’s claimed to promote even wear for long original tread life, while reducing rolling resistance.

A proprietary ‘Fuel Saver’ sidewall compound lowers heat generation to reduce fuel costs, both new and when retreaded, says Bridgestone. Its patented Waved Belt casing and Turn In Ply bead are claimed to enhance casing durability for optimized retreadability. Retread patterns based on the Greatec M835 Ecopia and R135 Ecopia are available in the Bandag FuelTech retread line.

The Ecopia line also includes the new R283 steer tire plus conventional duals for drive and trailer positions — the new M710 drive (pcitured here) and R197 trailer radials.

Ecopia radials are EPA SmartWay verified and comply with CARB requirements.

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