Thermo King’s new high-output version of its SmartPower electric standby option is available on select trailer refrigeration units. It adds a 24-hp high-output electric standby option to the existing 14-hp version, delivering quicker pre-cool and less run time when hauling larger frozen loads, along with greater overall cooling capacity.

SmartPower allows reefer units to operate on electric power when not being powered by the standard diesel engine. When it’s running, power is supplied by an electric motor connected to a high-voltage power source.

Thermo King says the benefits of SmartPower include increased efficiency, four times more than with diesel operation, to be precise. As well as the obvious reduction in emissions and noise, TK promises lower maintenance costs and a longer reefer lifespan.

The new high-output option is available on Thermo King’s SB-210+ and Spectrum SB trailer units.

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