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EPA SmartWay trucks to hit the market

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Fleets and owner/operators can now show they care about the environment by purchasing tractors approved by the US EPA's SmartWay program.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Fleets and owner/operators can now show they care about the environment by purchasing tractors approved by the US EPA’s SmartWay program.

SmartWay-approved trucks meet fuel efficiency and emissions targets set by the EPA. Owners of these trucks, produced by Freightliner, International, Kenworth, Mack, Peterbilt and Volvo, can display a SmartWay decal on their rig.

“These new trucks will make an important contribution toward achieving EPA’s goals for conserving energy and reducing emissions,” said Bill Wehrum, EPA’s acting assistant administrator for air and radiation. “Truckers who buy this new equipment, and who are members of the EPA SmartWay program, will be able to proudly display a logo on their qualified big rigs.”

SmartWay trucks will feature components such as aerodynamic bumpers and mirrors, which can reduce wind resistance and save fuel by 10-20% compared to Class 8 tractors without the devices.

They must also feature 2007 model year engines, integrated cab high roof air fairings, side fairing gap reducers, fuel tank side fairings, options to eliminate periods of extended engine idling and fuel-saving low rolling resistance tires.

Any truck that qualifies for the SmartWay program is capable of saving 2,000 to 4,000 gallons of diesel per year, resulting in fuel savings of up to US$11,000, the organization announced.

The EPA said more than one million barrels of oil could be saved this year if just 30% of all tractors and trailers sold this year were approved by SmartWay.

Several participating OEMs were quick to announce how they have become SmartWay-compliant. Volvo Trucks North America said that beginning in the second quarter of this year, customers will be able to spec’ their trucks with a SmartWay package.

“Volvo’s partnership with EPA in the SmartWay program grows from our core value of environmental care, which influences virtually everything we do at Volvo,” said Peter Karlsten, Volvo’s president and CEO.

“Our new family of US 07 engines delivers excellent fuel economy, with very low emissions. Volvo’s sophisticated aerodynamics further reduces fuel consumption.”

Similarly, Freightliner has announced its customers can also order their trucks with a SmartWay package that includes either a Bergstrom NITE or Idle Solutions APU. Eligible tractors from Freightliner include the Century Class S/T and Columbia 120.

“These trucks aren’t just compliant with EPA ’07 emissions standards. They’re recognized by the EPA to be the cleanest and most fuel efficient trucks on the road,” said Timothy Blubaugh, director of government technical affairs for Freightliner. “By assembling these spec’ packages, we’re making it easy to participate in the SmartWay program.”

For its part, International has said its aerodynamic ProStar meets the requirements set out by the SmartWay program.

“We have been working continuously to develop best-in-class fuel economy and lowest cost of ownership in our Class 8 trucks, and our breakthrough technologies are making a real difference in helping reduce emissions and protecting our environment,” said Robert A. Weber, International’s chief engineer for the heavy truck group. “It is rewarding to be recognized for our efforts in such a formal way. The associated logo that we can now adhere on our products is a valuable tool for helping our customers to make environmentally responsible decisions.”

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