A partnership between Fontaine Modification Company, Fyda Freightliner and GSP Marketing has resulted in the new and "efficient" MP8000/M2-106 Combo, a multi-purpose refuse collection truck.

It’s based on the Freightliner M2-106 conventional cab chassis from Fyda Freightliner, along with the G-S Products semi-automated dual side-loader body from GSP Marketing and Fontaine Modification’s dual low-entry stand-up-drive cab.

The vehicle was designed to allow two operators to collect and load material from both sides of the route. The Combo’s dual stand-up cab offers low entry access on both sides, and the cab can be equipped with dual steering as well. The MP8000 body has large 1.5-cubic-yard receiving hoppers on both sides which enable the operators to independently load and dump carts, loose trash, compost, bagged trash or single-stream recycling.

Fontaine says the truck lets customers currently running three-man crews on rear loaders shift to two-person crews, adding that it’s also safer for the workers. Instead of one driver in the cab and two helpers hanging on the outside of the vehicle, both operators ride in the climate-controlled comfort and protection of the cab. The loading point is very close to the cab to minimize the amount of walking needed.

The Combo is claimed to have a lower up-front cost than low-cab-forward and drop-frame configurations. It’s also said to offer good fuel economy, thanks in part to its lighter weight and small-block engine. The M2-106 chassis is said to be especially maneuverable.

The new truck is available with capacities ranging from 13 to 37 cubic yards in single- or tandem-axle configurations. It’s sold exclusively by GSP Marketing.

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