A new climate-control system — that will keep the sleeper cool or warm and works independently of the vehicle’s main engine — will be optional in Freightliner Century Class, Coronado and Columbia trucks. The Bergstrom NITE (No-Idle
Thermal Environment) system, which weighs only 345 lb, was engineered specifically for long-haul trucks.

Controlled from the bunk, it consists of a rechargeable battery system that supplies electricity to a hermetically sealed air-conditioning unit and an auxiliary heater. It includes a ‘smart’ control system with electronic variable functions for comfort and power management. The engineered ductwork circulates air, providing a low-voltage cutout to safeguard the independent NITE battery and a status indicator to notify the owner when recharging is needed.

Powered by four deep-cycle batteries instead of the truck’s electrical system, the NITE air conditioner offers 3500 BTUs of cooling capacity. It draws no energy from the truck’s electrical system when the truck engine is off. The diesel fuel-operated heater throws off 2900 to 7500 BTUs per hour, with the energy requirement to heat the sleeper area less than one-tenth of a gallon per hour.

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